Tuesday, November 01, 2005


On The Right Tracks
Max was flicking through a magazine and wondering how much longer he could last without beginning to hump the seat cushions when she came in. She was very tall with long black hair and smooth coffee coloured skin. Her body was slender, her large breasts swelling up above above the low cut sweater that was moulded to her curves. Her skirt was short, revealing her fabulous legs. She was like his best wet dream come true and in physical form. She sat down in the seat opposite and smiled at him warmly.
Max put down the magazine and smiled back. "How are you?"
She looked at him blankly and then in broken English said. "I don't speak much English."
Max smiled. "I'm Max."
The girl smiled. "Anna."
Max tried to think of a way he could ask if she fancied a quick one before the next station. He was surprised when she looked at him and said. "Would you like some sex?"
He believed that she had put the phrase wrongly until she slid over and lay her hand upon his knee. She squeezed it slowly and then dug her long nails into his thigh. She leaned over and pressed her hot mouth against his, delving inside with her tongue. He responded passionately and pressed her back against the window. The carriage was empty due to the earliness of the hour and the obscure destination and he hoped they wouldn't be interrupted.
Anna reached up and lifted her sweater up over her beautiful face. Max reached out and caressed her swelling breasts, leaning forward to suck a lace covered nipple into his mouth. He rolled it around on his tongue until he felt it harden and she moaned in response. Her hands reached up and she lightly ran her knuckle over his hardening manhood. He groaned softly and sat back slightly, to give her access. Anna pulled the sweater over her head and then leant forward, kissing him again. His hands played with her breasts, one slowly passing down across her flat stomach. She parted her legs slightly and his hands ran up the velvet flesh of her inner thigh. She whimpered softly as his fingers brushed against her satin panties and returned her own hand to his aching crotch.
She unbuttoned his jeans and slid her small hand inside. As her cool fingers wrapped around his swollen penis his groan was a little louder than he would have liked. She smiled in response and slowly began to squeeze and rub his manhood. She slid down onto the floor and leaning over ran her tongue over the tip of his dick. She swirled it around his rigid shaft, paying particular attention to the sensitive underside. Max moaned loudly as she sucked him deep inside her moist cavern. She began to bob up and down while massaging his balls and licking up the drops of precum that oozed onto her tongue. Max felt himself fill and knew he was about to come. He tightened his hands in her silky hair and cried out. She ran her teeth gently over his penis and then engulfed him completely. This sent him over the edge and he began to coat her throat in shuddering spurts, pounding his butt down against the seat. When he was soft she licked up the remaining semen that remained and then slid back.
Max kissed her, tasting himself on her lips and then pushed her back against the seat. She parted her legs as his hands rose and pulled down her panties. He shoved them in his pocket and then began placing small kisses on her inner thighs. She began to moan quietly and spread her legs even further. He ran his tongue around the outside of her pussy lips, feeling her shiver in response. He gently parted her with his tongue and tasted her juices as she became wet. His fingers began to tease that small bud of skin as his tongue found her moist opening. He delved inside her with his tongue, massaging and exploring while she shivered and whimpered. He felt her tense slightly and increased the speed of his fingers and tongue, feeling her internal muscles clamp around him. Finally, she went over the edge and he was rewarded with a gush of fluid as she whimpered and trembled, controlled by the convulsions spreading through her pussy.
When she had come back to earth he rose up and kissed her. He slipped the sweater back over her head and then took her hand. "Let's take this some place more private," he said quietly and led her to the bathroom.
The bathroom was empty and predictably tiny. Max sat down on the toilet seat and pulled her inside. Anna shut the door and then slid the lock across. Max found that his face was mashed into her breasts and he lightly kissed the erect nipple as he ran his hands over her firm buttocks. Anna reached down and unbuckled his trousers sliding them down to his knees. His boxers joined them a few minutes later. She reached into the pocket of her skirt and pulled out a wallet. She handed him the foil wrapped package and he slid it on. She then pulled up her skirt around her waist, revealing her shaven pussy. She spread her legs and then sank down upon him.
Max felt himself sucked inside her and groaned in pleasure. She was so tight, hot and wet he thought he would lose it right there. Her lips found his again and they kissed until he slid home. She raised herself up and then slowly lowered herself down. Max groaned audibly as her internal muscles gripped him tightly. He began to raise his hips so he could thrust into her. She pumped down upon him, gradually increasing her speed in time with their moans and gasps of pleasure. He ground his swollen penis into her damp vagina while his hands played with her breasts. He began rolling the rubbery nipples between his fingers and she whimpered loudly.
Max felt himself grow closer to orgasm. Anna continued to grind her sweaty body against his, sucking him deeper with every movement. Finally, as his pumping actions became faster he felt Anna begin to come. She writhed upon him, her muscles clenching him as though he were in a fist that was gradually squeezing him tighter. He felt himself begin to spasm as the first convulsion spread through his body. He felt as though he were flying as his sperm shot into the latex covering. He trembled and shuddered as his heart rate got faster and his penis throbbed in ecstasy with every ejaculation.
Finally, his moment was over. Anna rose and pulled on her clothing. She smiled at him and kissed him once more before exiting the bathroom. Once Max had cleaned up he followed, but found no trace of her. He watched as she departed the train a few stations later and waved once as the train sped off without her. He never saw her again, though often he would think back to that day with a smile.

With your thumb, you slowly push back the hood covering my clit, circling it, teasing me. I become more alert, but am unable to speak. Your tongue now probes deep within me, fucking my sweet cunt. All I can manage are soft moans and whimpers of pleasure. I tip my head up to see you. You look up at me with a devilish grin on your face, shiny with my love honey. I realize my situation and see there is nothing I can do but enjoy this treat.
Your face disappears back between my legs and you begin fucking me in earnest with your tongue. My hips buck up and my body quivers. I feel you moan into my pussy and it pushes me over the edge. I cum hard and moan, my body thrashing about at the wondrous torture you are delivering to me. I am breathless and my body is glowing. You stop briefly, letting me think I can catch my breath. Before I know it you are at it again, licking and sucking on my hard pearl clitoris.
Knowing I am in for the treat of my life, I lie back and try to maintain some composure. My efforts, however, are as useless as an umbrella in a hurricane. Your tongue is eager and skilled. It licks through my folds and circles my clit, you slip a finger into my wetness, and I moan soft and low. I feel you stiffen your tongue. It stabs repeatedly into my cunt. My body at such a heightened state of arousal cannot take it any longer; I release another wave of orgasms. I hear you laugh softly, as I scream and my body spasms. Begging you to stop, I thrash about. You again stop briefly letting me think you are going to give me a rest.
Soon I feel you moving on the bed again, but now you are sliding up my body kissing your way up from my pussy to my navel. Your tongue dips into my navel, swirling around and darting in and out. Your tongue then continues kissing up my soft belly and onto my breast. I feel you suck my nipple into your mouth. Your teeth grab my nipple and nip at it tenderly. I gasp in surprise!
Your cock is dragging along my thigh. I can feel its heat, the hard shaft swollen with your hot blood, the head dripping with pre-cum. My hips thrust up and I moan your name. I want you and you know it. You have brought me to this unbelievable level of ecstasy. Your warm brown eyes look into mine and sparkle as you delight in the feelings you are releasing within me. “Vixen!” you whisper.
I smile and in one smooth motion I feel your cock head at my opening as you lean down to kiss me. As we kiss, you slip the head of your cock into my tight wet ready cunt. I moan into your mouth and you slide in deeper! With your strong hands on my shoulders, your lips on mine, your hard throbbing cock probes deep into my womanhood. You begin fucking me slowly and deliberately. Long smooth full strokes, feeding my pussy your shaft, you are fucking me and it feels like heaven. Oh, god baby, you are filling me, reaching places that have never been touched. Your cock stretching into me, my tight walls enveloping you, gripping, and hugging your cock.
Suddenly I feel you reach up and untie my hands one at a time, and then my feet. I am free to hold you and move, but you have other ideas. In one smooth motion, you flip me over and lift my hips high; I feel your strong hands on my hips and your cock rubbing along my wet crevice. The rim of your head is teasing my clit. I moan into the pillows, my pussy pulsates. You wiggle your hips a little and then your cock slips into position. Just as before, in one smooth motion, you ram it deep into my cunt. I gasp as I feel the depth you are reaching, and I begin fucking back against you. Needing you, wanting you…
I must have you, all of you. Fucking me hard I feel your balls slapping against my pussy as your cock slips in and out. This added stimulation just heightens the feelings and I force my ass up higher and feel you adjust the angle as you drive in deeper and deeper. Fucking wildly, all we can hear is skin slapping, grunts, and moans. The room fills with a symphony of sex. My body shudders and I cum hard, you feel my cunt grip and spasm around your cock but you keep on fucking me.
“Vixen,” I hear you whisper it again. I scream into the pillow, “Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh baby, fuck me!” Your cock penetrates me deep. You feel it! You have reached utopia. My body convulses and I cum hard. I feel your cock stiffen, your balls crawl up my ass and you push hard and deep inside of me. Your load of cream fills me, washing through me, as your cock slips and slides. I moan loudly and whimper… my body collapses, awash in utter ecstasy. I feel you kissing my back. I lay there shivering and shuddering, my nerves alive with wanton desire, my body exhausted from your sweet torture. You roll me over, you take me into your arms and we doze back to dreamland.