Monday, March 20, 2006

Sloppy Seconds

I had been begging my with to fuck another man and bring her cum filled pussy home to me for about two years. She thought I was crazy and though she'd tease me that someday she may not be able to resist if I kept it up, she never did anything except tease me during sex.
Last week that all changed. We were making love last Sunday evening when I again asked her if she's fuck someone else for me and fill me in on the details later while we made love. She looked me straight in the eye and said, "would that really turn you on!" I replied, "you know it would, I've been begging you for years to try it."
She pushed her pussy hard against my cock and said, "you mean to say that I can have another man come inside me and you would be okay with it."
My cock grew harder as we spoke, "honey, I would love to stick my cock into your pussy with someone else's cum lubricating our sex."
"Ok, then, it's a deal. While you were golfing today I fucked another man right here. He left just before you got home. He came in me 3 times and his cum is still inside my pussy right now. How about that mister, you never thought I'd actually do it, did you?"
My cock grew harder than ever as I excitedly begged for details. "please dear, was his cock big?"
"Yes, and he knew how to use it, I road it and let him fuck me without protection. I just couldn't resist the feeling when he got ready to cum and his cock swelled up then spurted into my pussy."
"You mean he fucked you bareback, no condom or anything, you might get pregnant."
"Well babe, isn't that what you wanted, after all, it wouldn't be sloppy seconds if he didn't cum in me. ... How does it feel to have your cock in your wife's freshly fucked cunt?"
"God, no wonder you're so wet tonight."
"Baby, I just couldn't turn him down. You've had me thinking about doing someone else for along time and today this good looking salesman came to the door just after I got our of the shower. I was in my robe when he came in. I slipped as I lead him into the living room and he grabbed me to keep me from falling. His hands caressed my ass as I tried to get my balance but just then I fell onto the couch and my robe went up around my waist. My pussy was fully exposed and as I looked up at him I couldn't help but see the lust in his eyes. My pussy was on fire as I took my robe off and thought of you and your fantasy."
"You mean you got turned on thinking about me telling you to fuck another man."
"Yes, and here he was, tall, good looking and young. And, by the lump in his pants i could tell he was willing. That was all she wrote. I fucked him silly until about quarter til 5, I knew you'd be home around 5."
"you're telling me that he just left less than an hour ago."
"Yes dear, and his cum is deep in me. Your cock is being coated with his and my cum as we fuck."
I reached down between us and felt her twat, it was very wet. "How does it feel knowing that your wife has a load of cum deep in her unprotected pussy... and it isn't yours?"
My cock damn near exploded with that comment but even though I came, it remained hard. She was surprised as she noticed that it didn't shrink.
"Honey, this really does turn you on. You are still horny and you just came. I think I like this, I'm going to have to fuck other men more often. I always thought you were kidding."
"Hon, would I lie to you, I told you that I would love to do this."
"OK baby, from now on I'll promise to fuck another man as often as I can. You have to promise me though that you won't leave me. If I'm going to play around, I want to enjoy it too. After all, what woman wouldn't like to have her husband's permission to fuck other men?"
I was again pounding her pussy as she repeated,
"Ok baby, tell me again how much you like to fuck me knowing that someone else has buried his cock deep in my cunt and left his spermy mess inside me. My pussy is yours for sloppy seconds, I hoe your cock can feel how sloppy it is in there."
I blasted off again. I love that woman.

My wife Bonnie is the most beautiful woman. I tell her this all the time though she rarely believes me. Therefore, I decided to show her just how beautiful she is, both to me and to others. Let me describe her a little, shoulder length dark blonde hair, her eyes are a blue/green/gray and they pick up the colors she wears and change depending on her moods. She is a real woman, not a super model; her body is
beautifully full and curved - the Botticelli type. She has nice large breasts, a sweet handful plus some to nibble on, with large brownish pink nipples that tend to get hard at the slightest provocation. Her ass is a sweet deliciously round form that just begs to have it fondled. She is my goddess.